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This article focuses on the Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE character, Sirius. If you are looking for the Pop'n Music éclale song, see 賢聖シリウスの采配.

Sirius is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


An adventurer of space called the Speed ​​Star on a whim,
He rides around on the starboard and enjoys the infinite universe of today.

Character Information[]

See Sirius/Character Information.


Future Fusion[]

Sirius is a blue-skinned alien with mauve eyes and white hair that is raised up in an odd way, with the tip of his hair curved above. His attire is fully white, with a coat and pants. Sirius wears cyan colored shoes that match the sections on his coat. A number "02" is printed on the left of his coat, and Sirius rides a green hover board, referred to as a starboard. His original color palette can be seen in Drum'N'Bass, from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.

In his 2P color palette, Sirius' skin is chartreuse and his hair changes to a lawn green color. His suit is shaded to a light gray color, while his sections are green. Sirius' floating board ditches the green color, as it turns out to be pink.


Sirius's appearance drastically changes, like his hair is shaped to the front and contains a light yellow streak. His costume is a white top and pants, including light cyan boots, and white gloves with gradients of yellow and light cyan, matching the manners of the top sections of his torso. Outside of his costume is a cape with violet to blue gradient. Sirius gains a new hoverboard, taking a shape of an arch with three ends, containing the light yellow and light cyan colors.

Sirius's 2P palette recolors his skin complexion light velvet, his eyes brown, and his hair streak cyan mint green. His boots and gradients are swapped colors from his original palette, while his cape takes the gradient of red to orange. Part of his hoverboard is colored light violet and salmon pink.

Other Character Comments[]

Pop'n Music éclale:
He held up his Wand of Genesis from his starboard that soars to space,
He becomes a comet, as the star's shine falls.

NET Self[]

Attack That (それっ Sore?)
Damage Oops... (おっと… Otto...?)
GOOD Play OK (良し Yoshi?)
BAD Play Ugh (うっ U?)
WIN How about that? (どうだい? Dōdai??)
LOSE Ah... (ああ… Ā...?)


Sirius is likely named after the star of the same name, the brightest star in the night sky and a part of the constellation Canis Major. It also forms one of the three vertices of the Winter Triangle, along with Procyon and Betelgeuse.


  • Sirius' birthdate is identical to South's.
  • Sirius' 2P color palette resembles Stella's original color palette.
    • Stella also appears in Sirius' Win animation.
  • In newer games, Sirius' name banner is one of the few with no white border.
  • Because the number 02 is printed on his coat, Sirius is the second character to originate from the Tempel Tuttle comet.
    • Sirius' hobby is shared with Stella.
  • Sirius is the first character to be named by one of the three vertices stars of the Winter Triangle, before Procyon from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.
  • A Poulpe appears on Sirius's Miss animation.