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Silent Room needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Silent Room is one of the characters of Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE.


Here, the piano plays the melody of life.[1]


The man in Silent Room's animations does not appear to be human, shape shifting into various things and disappearing at one point. In addition, he cannot speak human speech as shown in his NET Taisen quotes. This anonymous figure can control everything in the Silent Room, seeing that the weather changes spontaneously to his performance and the windows slam shut after he vanishes. This coloring is recycled in Dirge from Pop'n Music 20 fantasia.

His 2P version gives more variety to the room and window view's color, while his 1P more resembles a silent film.

NET Self

Attack ♪♪!!!
Damage ♪!?
GOOD Play ♪♪
BAD Play …♪…
WIN ~♪♪♪
LOSE ………


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode

· · · · · 
~ ♪ 
· · · · · · ♪


  • Silent Room shares his birthday with Dino and Procyon.
    • Silent Room's birthdate is derived from a pun on its name. San stands for three and makes up the "sa" sound in Silent Room. Ichi, or one, represents the "i" sound in Silent Room.
  • Silent Room is one of the four heavenly kings in the HELL 17 course.
    • 音楽, along with シュレーディンガーの猫, is one of the songs that most people don't even bother trying on EX mode due to their severe difficulty. The phrase for this is "どうしようもないもの" because the EX chart just looks like incomprehensible gibberish when played.
    • 音楽 on EX mode is considered to be one of the most challenging charts in the series.
  • The man in Silent Room shares many characteristics with the man in Ruinous Room, both being featureless black figures in ever-changing environments. Both characters also include a "family," although Silent Room's appears to be self-imposed.
    • The titular character of Deemo, another rhythm game, bears a resemblance to Silent Room. Both are mute pitch black figures that enjoy playing the piano.







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