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Sigre is one of the characters from Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume. She first appeared in a promotional image for the game's release with Navi-kun.[1] As of December 20, 2016, the name "Sigre" was officially given.


"I want to fill this night sky with the stars I sowed."
There is a small sparkle in the smoking sky I looked up, one more ,,,

Character Information

I heard that this song is Mary's debut work and I'd like to debut at Pop'n if I want to decorate it nicely like a pop - and song and character together firmly! When I talked to her, I got a long novel from Marl while tellete. I already made it so much~ The character idea is also wondering how awesome~ It was very interesting with the flow which does not have much!

Because it will become the same as always doing the same way, making a character of change balls will be very stimulating with the songs and memories of characters will not be defeated! I was able to proceed while reconfirming my feelings. It is a feeling that we all made use of the idea of ​​Mr. or PON's idea and made plus better places, and we made up a character called rain with everyone's feelings. I think that it would have been impossible if the designer did it alone.

Although it is an interaction with the owls and an overdose scenes that are overdoing, I also want you to see the sky full of sky filled stars! Please give it to me. And it is hoped for Marl's future success!



Sigre has black hair with a blue streak on the left side, matching her eye color. Her clothing is a gray jacket with matching blue accents, white shorts, periwinkle and white layers underneath, and gray shoes with dark gray socks. She is carrying a spherical potion with two tubes and a light green liquid.

Her 2P incarnation is a bit lighter, with bluish-grey hair and pink streak, and velvet eyes. Her outfit is light gray with light cyan highlights, and her shoes and socks become a lighter variant of grays.


  • Before Sigre's final design was shown alongside with her initial song release, her face seems to be different: her eye structure is sharp and her mouth is revealed.