Romanized Title Shiroi mori no densetsu
English Translation The legend of the white forest
Genre in Japanese 夜想曲
Artist Name Romanized Naya~n
Vocal Keiko Hahsimoto
Lyrics Hazuki
Other Instruments Hiroki Koga (Composition & Arrangement), Kazuki Katsuta (Sax)
BPM 65-77
Status Default
Length 2:03
Character Albireo
First Appearance pop'n music 13 カーニバル
Other Appearance(s) None.



 これははるか昔 古のころから つたわる伝説

 白く浮かびあがる ふかき森のむこう
 ゆらりゆらりと 妖しくつやめく 蒼月が昇る

 その夜 ひとつの星が降る
 白き森へと 星が降る
 ひかりの絶えぬ 夜明けまでに
 手にした者の 願いが 届く

 ・・・・いくつめの ねがいだろう?

 すこし すこし 消ゆるひかり
 そのなかで ほほえみあう かげぼうし


  Kore wa haruka mushi
  inishie no koro kara
  tsutaware densetsu

  Shiroku ukabiagaru  fukaki mori no mukou
  Yurari yurari to
  ayashiku tsuyameku
  sougetsu ga yoboru

  Sono yoru  hitotsu no hoshi ga furu
  Shiroki mori eto  hoshi ga furu
  Hikari no taenu  yoake madeni
  Te ni shitamono no  negai ga todoku

  ...ikutsu me no  negai darou?

  Sukoshi  sukoshi  kiyuru hikari
  Sononaka de  hohoemiau  kageboushi

English Translation

  Here is an old legend, handed down through the ages...

  White fog arises from beyond the deep forest
  Treetops swaying, a brilliant blue moon ascends into the sky.

  Tonight, a single star is falling...
  Falling into the White Forest.
  Its light doesn't go out until the dawn.
  Into my grasp, a chance to make a wish has been delivered. many wishes do I have, I wonder?

  Little by little, the light goes out
  Eventually, I find myself smiling face-to-face with a phantom.

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  • 白い森の伝説's songwheel genre is ノクターン. The banner genre reads as "yasoukyoku".
  • In the pop'n music data, 白い森の伝説 is named "nuit", the French word for "night".

Music Comment

A beautiful, yet suspicious night world, the senses between the dream and reality wanders off.

Difficulty & Notecounts

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 177 255 432 618 350 417
Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL→FEVER! 6 9 22 29 18 20
ADVENTURE→fantasia 6 9 22 ↑31 18 20
Sunny Park→Present - 15 28 37 18 20
CARNIVAL CS 6 9 22 29 18 20



夜想曲 「白い森の伝説」

夜想曲 「白い森の伝説」

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