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Shion is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET.


A girl that was encountered in the forest on a white night. Will these melancholic feelings one day melt like the fleeting snow?


Shion takes the form of an extremely pale-skinned girl with cerulean-colored eyes and powder-blue colored hair that is styled into two pigtails with white fluffy ornaments. Her attire is basically a white frock with a lavender tint and a dark turquoise ribbon around the top that shapes into a pair of wings.

Shion's 2P colors shift her into warmer shades. Her hair becomes pale red while her eyes are a bright red-orange, and her frock is tinted a light greenish yellow color. Her ribbon is colored deep red.

Her 3P color palette features pink colors; Shion's hair color changes to a pistachio green color instead of powder blue. Her eyes and ribbon are colored regular pink, while her frock is colored into a lighter tinted version of it.


Shion makes cameos in Flora's LOSE animation, but only her 2P color palette makes a cameo on Flamme's LOSE animation as well.

Shion also appears on a wallpaper from the Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET site, shown sitting in a cherry blossom tree. Her whole attire is shifted into pink, including her hair and eyes.

Shion's entire frock altered with light blue and pink layers on her torso and white shoes with lilac straps and balls of light blue fluffs. She carries a lilac bow on her torso that extends and ties her wrists; there are light pink balls of fluffs on each side of her hair and white strings on her ponytails. This costume only appears on the Pop'n Music éclale vol.1 card collection.

NET Self[]

Attack Snowstorm...!! (吹雪よ…!! Fubuki yo...!!?)
Damage Ah...! (ああ…! Ā...!?)
GOOD Play Lightly (ひらりん Hirarin?)
BAD Play Why!? (どうして!? Dōshite!??)
WIN Isn't it good? (上手でしょ? Jōzu desho??)
LOSE Goodbye... (さよなら… Sayonara...?)


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode[]

Battle (Phase 1)[]

Flutter flutter...
 Why is there so much sad snow...?
 It doesn't change, even if you fight it...
 Can you change it...?


Shion (紫苑?) is the Japanese term for Aster tataricus, which represents "remembrance" in the Hanakotoba language.


  • Shion shares her birthdate with Nico and Bianca.
    • Shion's birthdate is held on Lidong (also known as Ritto), which is the beginning of winter in East Asian cultures.
  • According to Chihiro, Shion was originally named Zion, after the Japanese period of weather known as the sankan-shion (三寒四?), a period between the winter and spring seasons where there are 3 days of cold weather followed up by 4 days of nice, warm weather. Read more about it in this article.
    • Shion's 2P palette, which has her in a warmer color palette, is a holdover from her original name.
  • Shion is one of the few Pop'n Music 19 characters to appear in a CS game, appearing in Pop'n Music portable 2 as a preview character.
  • Shion is one of the few characters to have their names identical to the song titles.
  • It could be speculated that all three of Shion's color palettes are based on three of the four seasons. Her original colors represent winter. The 2P palette represents summer (because of the combination of red and yellow) and the 3P palette represents spring (because of the combination of pink and green).