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Sergei needs its music comment, song production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Sergei is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 11.


 長い旅になりそうだけれど心配しないでね、博士。 星のかけらをおみやげに帰ってくるから。

Earth, can you hear me? I have the honor of being the world's only space-exploring dog.

Doctor, it'll likely be a very long journey, but don't worry. I'll bring back some star pieces as souvenirs.

Sergei is a young dog who went to space to make star maps. He wants to come back to Earth to make the Doctor proud.



Sergei is a light tan dog with orange ears. He wears a blue space suit with a yellow pack. The pack has a white bone on it.

His 2P pallet gives him blue shading and his pack is colored pink.


Sergei, along with Happpy, Parabo, F-Train, and Walker, make a group appearance in Meteor's Win animation in Pop'n Music éclale.


  • Sergei is based off of Laika, the first and only dog to go into space.
    • Sana wrote the song Space Dog in honor of Laika.
  • Sergei's birthdate is identical to Chamel's.
  • Sergei's JAM and DANCE animation is a reference to the character Snoopy, who is laying upwards on his doghouse as his signature appearance.
  • Walker appears in Sergei's FEVER! Win animation