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Second Heaven needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Handz Up
Second Heaven
Romanized Title -
English Translation -
Genre in Japanese ハンズアップ
Artist Name Romanized -
Vocal Unknown
Lyrics -
Other Instruments Ryu☆ (Composition & Arrangement)
BPM 149
Status -
Length 2:00
Character MZD
First Appearance beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD
Other Appearance(s) DanceDanceRevolution X2

jubeat plus / jubeat plus (Android) beatmania IIDX pack 3
jubeat saucer
Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE
pop'n rhythmin beatmaniaIIDXパック3


All I want lying here with you,
Feeling like heaven

All I want lying here with you,
Feeling like heaven

6...5...4, 3, 2, 1.
Somebody scream!

All I want lying here with you,
Feeling like heaven

All I want lying here with you,
Feeling like heaven

Somebody scream!

Song Connections / Remixes

  • An extended version of Second Heaven appears on Ryu☆'s first album, starmine.
    • A remix of Second Heaven by DJ Yoshitaka, titled Second Heaven -Samba, Samba, SomeBody MIX-, also appears in starmine.
  • A speed remix of Second Heaven by Risk Junk, titled Second Heaven (Risk Junk Remix), appears on the cyber beatnation 2 -Hi Speed conclusion- album.
  • Another remix of Second Heaven by ラマーズP, titled Second Heaven Lamaze-REMIX, was added to SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH on March 23rd, 2012.
  • Second HeavenBRILLIANT 2U (AKBK MIX)FIRE FIRESeventh Heaven and 背水之陣 (Kagutsuchi Remix) share the same "Somebody scream!" vocal sample.
    • In Japan, this sample was misheard as 3 scoops of ice cream (3倍アイスクリーム sanbai aisukuriimu?), and became an inside joke of the Japanese BEMANI community. The inside joke was acknowledged in the jackets for the aforementioned Second Heaven Lamaze-REMIX, where RASIS holds an ice cream cone with three scoops of ice cream.
    • This joke also occurs on MZD's BAD Play dialogue on his NET Self.
  • An updated version of Second Heaven, titled Second Heaven 2k15, appears on Ryu☆'s seventh album, Seventh Heaven.


  • The No. 10 song that Ryu☆ mentions in his notes (see below) may refer to Everytime We Touch by Cascada, which later appeared in DanceDanceRevolution X2 together with Second Heaven.
  • Second Heaven's original beatmania IIDX video is used and is full-screen in DanceDanceRevolution, eliminating any on-screen dancers.
    • In DanceDanceRevolution II/DanceDanceRevolution hottest party5, Second Heaven's video is played in a tiny monitor on the opposite side of the player on Single and in the center on Double/Versus, due to Nintendo Wii memory limitations.
  • In DanceDanceRevolution X2, Second Heaven's single CHALLENGE chart was a modified version of the old single EXPERT chart from the location test version.
    • Its single EXPERT chart was a modified version of the old single DIFFICULT chart from the location test version as well.
  • Second Heaven appears as downloadable content for DanceDanceRevolution S+, in the Ryu☆ and HHH Pack.
  • Second Heaven is one of the beatmania IIDX crossovers in REFLEC BEAT as part of Lincle Link 1. It is unlocked by clearing all Normal Level 6 and below songs in the GOLD folder in beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem or beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle.
    • As of 6/27/2012, it can be unlocked in REFLEC BEAT limelight by reaching Glass Level 25 (as part of Lincle Link 5). It is the 5th Lincle Link 1 song in REFLEC BEAT to be unlocked this way.
      • As of REFLEC BEAT groovin'!!, Second Heaven is playable in the REFLEC BEAT series by default.
  • The words in Second Heaven's video are:

I saw that was a way to hell, even from the gates of heaven... I saw that was a way to hell, even from the gates of heaven...

Countdown... 8... 7... 6...5...4, 3, 2, 1.

I saw that was a way to hell, even from the gates of heaven...

I saw that was a way to hell, even

from the gates of heaven...

Music Comment

Song Production Information


This last song is dedicated to the people that most affected me this year. This time, we would like to cheer loudly, Somebody's Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!! Somebody's Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!!

Genre explanation. HANDZ UP is a genre of music that is mainly produced in Germany, Simply put, it is like the Buchiage Trance of Germany (Do not quote me on this). Solid bass to kick-based solid bass, and solid bass sustains this. The low number of sound, features a sparkling track with a lot of power. It is very powerful, and this style has hit the top of the US dance tracks. A song from this genre hit No. 10 on the charts. This was the genre's first major achievement.

Difficulty and Notecounts

pop'n music

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 306 372 807 1052 450 716
THE MOVIE 13 18 32 38 18 28
Sengoku Retsuden 13 18 32 ↑39 18 28
TUNE STREET→fantasia 13 18 ↑34 39 18 28
Sunny Park→Present ※12 24 40 45 18 28

pop'n rhythmin

Game Difficulties
Notecounts 197 306 572
pop'n rhythmin 3 6 9




HANDZ UP 「Second Heaven」

HANDZ UP 「Second Heaven」

HANDZ UP 「Second Heaven LONG」

HANDZ UP 「Second Heaven LONG」

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