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Scarecrows needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Scarecrows are a multi-character group from Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden.


現実を打ち壊せ!そんな願いから社会派アイドルグループが誕生だ! 歌で語る若者の夢よ希望よ、お上に届け!
Destroy reality! Our social awareness group was born from such a wish! The youth's hopes and dreams, delivered to the government in song!


The forefront Scarecrow dons a straw hat with a green gingham ribbon, mid-length shaggy black hair, streamers on its arms, and a yellow-brown vest with a green button and gingham sleeves. Its head and clothing are held up by a broom. The Scarecrows' faces are made up of drawn on he no he no mo he letters; one of their NET Self quotes is an emoticon. It has several minions, and they are all shown to like onigiri in their character information and FEVER! Win animation.

Its 2P palette has black "body", along with a matching vest and straw hat. It also has golden yellow colors for the hair and streamers, and a pumpkin orange color for the rest of its outfit.

NET Self

Attack Do it (やっちまえー Yatchimae?)
Damage I've endured... (耐えるんだ… Taeru nda...?)
BAD Play (のもの)ノ
WIN We did it (やってやった Yatte yatta?)
LOSE Get your ass up! (立ち上がれ! Tachiagare!?)


Conversation Only

It's amazing...
 What a rich city.
 Someday, our village...


  • Scarecrows share their birthday with Baum, Hugh, and Loof.
    • Scarecrows' birthday represent their eyes, which look like two 9's.
  • The faces on Scarecrows are called henohenomohe (へのへのもへ). They are typically drawn on the faces of kakashi, scarecrows, by Japanese children. It is missing the "じ" which is used to frame the face.






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