千沢祐子/Yuko Uno (Original)




Romanized Title Sazae-san Ikka
English Translation The Sazae-san Family
Genre in Japanese サザエさん
Artist Name Romanized Sensawa Yuko
Vocal Yuko Sensawa
Lyrics Haruo Hayashi
Other Instruments Kyouhei Tsutsumi (Composition), ucchie (Arrangement), Nazo2 Suzuki (Guitars)
BPM 88-92
Status Anime License Cover, Deleted by Sengoku Retsuden
Length 1:21
Character Nyami
First Appearance pop'n music 6
Other Appearance(s) None.



 今日は楽しい 今日は楽しい ハイキング

 ほらほら みんなの声がする
 サザエさん サザエさん サザエさんは愉快だな


 Ookina sora wo nagametara
 Shiroi kumo ga tonde ita
 Kyou wa tanoshii kyou wa tanoshii hiking

 Hora hora minna no koe ga suru
 Sazae-san Sazae-san Sazae-san wa yukaidana

English Translation

As I gazed at the great sky
White clouds were flying by                                         
Today we'll have fun, today we'll have fun khiking.

Listen! Listen! You can hear everyone's voices
Sazae-san Sazae-san Sazae-san is happy

Song Connections/Remixes

  • An 8-bit version of サザエさん一家 can be found in beatmania GB ガッチャミックス2.
  • A cover of サザエさん一家 appears in Toy's March 2. It is currently unknown if the Toy's March cover is the same one for pop'n music.


  • サザエさん一家 is the ending theme of the long running Sazae-san (サザエさん?) anime series.
  • サザエさん一家 was one of the only two licenses in pop'n music 6 CS, the other being テレビ映画「吉宗評判記 暴れん坊将軍」BGM.
  • With its 5-Buttons chart rated 1, サザエさん一家 had one of the easiest charts on the main pop'n music series.
    • Also, サザエさん一家's Battle NORMAL chart was rated level 2, the lowest rated Battle NORMAL chart in pop'n music.
      • サザエさん一家's Battle NORMAL chart also had the lowest notecount of any Battle chart, with 48 notes.
  • Before pop'n music 9, サザエさん一家's songwheel genre was サザエサン.

Music Comment

JAPANESE ANIMATION SHOW! That familiar family on TV appears! We will play on next week please! Jaiken 5!

Difficulty & Notecounts

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 48 164 217 399 48 462
Pop'n Music 6 2 8 10 19 ※8 -
Pop'n Music 7 2 ↑10 ↑13 ↑24 ※8 -
Pop'n Music 8 2 10 13 24 2 8
Pop'n Music 9 ↓1 10 13 ↑25 2 8
Pop'n Music 10→THE MOVIE 1 10 ↑14 ↑27 2 8
Pop'n Music 6 CS 2 8 10 EX - -

※ The notecount of this chart correspond to the later HYPER chart of Battle Mode.

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