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Sayounara Konnichiwa needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Romanized Title Sayounara konnichiwa
English Translation Goodbye, Hello
Genre in Japanese オオミソカ
Artist Name Romanized Hinode 155
Vocal Tsugumi Kataoka (Vocal)
wac and 7 others (currently unknown) (Chorus)
Lyrics Tsugumi Kataoka
Other Instruments Tsugumi Kataoka (Composition & Arrangement)
BPM 100
Status Event Song
Length 2:03
Character Mr.SOBACCO
First Appearance pop'n music 12 いろは
Other Appearance(s) -
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 ユクゼ! クルゼ!

 ユクゼ! クルゼ!
 悲しいこと ぜんぶ忘れて
 あたらしい年が いま はじまる

 心残りと やり残したこと

 後悔ばかり 失敗ばかり

 辛い思い出は 棄てていこう
 楽しいこと 嬉しいことだけ

 ユクゼ! クルゼ!
 幸せな いい年になることを願っちゃうね

 ユクゼ! クルゼ!
 悲しいこと ぜんぶ忘れて
 あたらしい年が いま はじまる

 いいことが きっときっと待ってる


yuku ze! kuru ze!
bouttoshiteru ma ni kotoshi mo satteiku
kanashimi wa joya no kane to issho ni oite ikou

yuku ze! kuru ze!
kanashii koto zenbu wasurete
atarashii toshi ga ima hajimaru

sorya kotoshi mo iroiro attakke
waki me mofurazu kakenuketakke
kokoro nokori to yari nokoshita koto
furikaeru koto sonna kotobakka da you na

motto kou sureba yokatta tokasa
motto anna fuu ni to kya yokatta toka
koukai bakari shippai bakari
toshi no se wa itsudatte konnanda

tsurai omoide wa sutete ikou
tanoshii koto ureshii koto dake
daiji ni motte (shikkari matte) tsugi no tobira wo akeyou

yuku ze! kuru ze!
kitto kagayaku mirai ga matteiru
shiawasena ii nen ni naru koto wo negacchau ne

yuku ze! kuru ze!
kanashii koto zenbu wasurete
atarashii toshi ga ima hajimaru

ii koto ga kitto kitto matteru

English Translation

Let's go! Come on!
This year between the dazed must go away
Let's put our sadness away for the New Year's Eve's bell

Let's go! Come on!
Forget all of the sad things
A new year will now begin

There are a lot of people this year,
Run through without shaking aside
Regret the regretful things
To these things you look back

If it's more like this, it was good,
If it's more of this way, it's good
Only regrets and failures
Are always from this year's shallows

Let's throw away our painful memories
Only fun things and happy things
Have (tightly waiting) to open the next door in care

Let's go! Come on!
Surely, we're waiting for the sparkling future
We wish for it to become a happy, good year

Let's go! Come on!
Forget all of the sad things
A new year will now begin

We're surely, surely, waiting for good things

Song Connections / Remixes

  • A long version of さようならこんにちは appears on the ひので155 EP おもいで列車 (Omoide Train).


Misoka is a dated Japanese term that referred to the last day of a month - oomisoka, however, it is also the term for the last day of the year, December 31st. (Tying in the song's New Year's Eve setting.)


  • According to wac, 8 people (including himself) participated in the chorus of さようならこんにちは.

Music Comment

New Year's Eve will only become a tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a good day.

Song Production Information

Omoide Gorou (Hinode 115 G)

Kibou Yamada (Hinode 115 D)

Staff Comments

Difficulty & Notecounts

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 250 269 512 - 266 445
Iroha→fantasia 10 14 24 - 10 18
Sunny Park→Present - 20 30 - 10 18
Iroha CS 10 14 24 - 10 18



OH-MISOKA 「さようならこんにちは」

OH-MISOKA 「さようならこんにちは」

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