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サトウさん Satou-san
Satou-san IconSatou-san 2P Icon
Birthplace Shimokitazawa
Birthdate September 14th
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Light brown
Hair Color Orange
Hobby Going for a stroll with Shishamo
Relative(s) Shishamo (cat)
Likes Cuisine. Recently, even I'm spared in making lunch
Dislikes Rainy weekends
First Appearance pop'n music 16 PARTY♪
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 8 (with Shishamo)

pop'n music 10 (with Shishamo)
pop'n music éclale (with Shishamo)

Theme(s) Fresh (with Shishamo)

Skip(with Shishamo)
Cheer Para

Designer(s) ちっひ

Satou-san is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪. He is Shishamo's owner.


Satou-san is busy in the office today!
Will Shishamo be waiting for him today at the bus stop...?


Cheer Para

Satou-san has the traits of orange hair and light brown eyes. He wears a men's buisness attire that includes a white, long-sleeved formal shirt, a light sky blue neck tie, velvet pale brown pants, and dark brown shoes.


Satou-san frequently makes cameos on every Shishamo animation. For example, Pop'n Music 8's Fresh presents Satou-san with a dark green suit and platinum shoes; he carries a dark orange handbag.

Shishamo's 2P recolors Satou-san with a slightly dark complexion, burnt brown hair, and the original eye color intact. His top is dark teal, his pants and shoes is violet, and his handbag is black.

Skip, from Pop'n Music 10, has a silver business suit, dark brown shoes and backpack, and a dark green tie for Satou-san. He rides on a bike with a dark turquoise frame. His pop'n 10 appearance appears again in リクライム from pop'n music éclale.

The 2P recolor almost creates a comeback for the 2P palette from the debut, but with a normal, peach skin tone, brown hair, a gray suit with a burnt orange necktie, a light blue backpack, and a slightly tinted brown of his shoes. His bike is re-colored as pale periwinkle and light orange.


  • Satou-san's birthdate is identical to Jyun's.



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