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Sanday is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 7.


ストロベリー・チョコ・ブルーベリーetc. カラーバリエーションも豊富です。
A robot for exclusive use of the woman model dance that is extremely popular.
Strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, etc. The color variation is abundant, too.

Sanday is designed as a female robotic model made in Japan. Her purpose is to dance. Her limited edition "China Model" has proven to be very popular among consumers.


Disco House

Sanday is a robotic girl with yellow skin and short orange hair worn with a white headband. Her eyes are bright pink and styled like sunglasses with white stars in them. She wears a short, sleeveless green dress with light yellow trim, as well as white boots, gloves, and earrings.

In her 2P color palette, Sanday's face is colored powder blue, and her eyes are dark blue. Her hair is colored in a purple color scheme; her entire dress is colored fuchsia and white, and her bottom and glove features are remaining white. Her dress highlights have a light cream color.

Tekno Girl

Sanday now has sky blue hair styled into two buns. Her dress is considered to be a stylish long-sleeved Chinese inspiration, including a neon pink color with white trim on the sleeves, collar, and bottom. It's worn with a blue waistband and has yellow star decorations. Her earrings are now purple while her boots remain white.

Sanday's 2P color palette includes an apricot color on her skin and black hues on her eyes, hair, sleeve highlights, and boots. She has a white color on her dress, and a red color on her earrings and waist belt.

Other Character Comments

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 10:
A robot for exclusive use of the woman model dance with many collectors too.
The released limited China model was sold out immediately the other day.

NET Self

Attack I'll go (いきまーす Ikimaasu?)
Damage Gabi-n (がびーん Gabiin?)
GOOD Play High spirits☆ (ノリノリ☆ Nori Nori☆?)
BAD Play ???
LOSE Hrmm~ (ぐるぐる~ Guruguru~?)


  • Sanday shares here birthdate with Jaguar-B.
  • Sanday's eyes are the same as Bamboo's.
  • In her animations, it is shown that she can create holograms - she creates stars in PM7 and squares in PM10.
  • In her Miss in PM10 she reveals two cables.




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