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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Various voice samples, including "Come on!".

Song Connections/Remixes[edit | edit source]

  • An extended version of Sakura Sunrise, titled Sakura Sunrise (Extended RRver.), appears in Ryu☆'s third album, Rainbow☆Rainbow.
  • Sakura Sunrise is part of the "Sakura" series of songs by Ryu☆. The other songs in the series include:
    • sakura storm, which can be found in DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE3.
    • Sakura Reflection, which can be found in REFLEC BEAT.
    • Sakura Luminance, which can be found in REFLEC BEAT colette -Spring-.
    • Sakura Mirage, which can be found in REFLEC BEAT groovin'!!.
  • Sakura Sunrise is one of the Replicant D-Action hidden songs in DanceDanceRevolution X2, representing the color green. The other songs in the event are:
    • Pierce The Sky, by JAKAZiD feat. K.N..
    • Shiny World, by CAPACITY GATE.
    • POSSESSION, by TAG underground.
    • New Decade, by Sota F..
    • Anti-Matter, by Orbit1 & Milo.
    • Valkyrie dimension, by Spriggan.
  • A rock arrangement of Sakura Sunrise, titled Sakura Sunrise (GITADORA ver.), appears in GITADORA.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • To play Sakura Sunrise as a Replicant D-Action song, you must pass at least 2 songs in each game folder (24 at least total).
    • As of 2/23/2011, Sakura Sunrise was unlocked for normal play.
  • In DanceDanceRevolution X2, Sakura Sunrise had a slightly different jacket with a different font for "Ryu☆".
  • Sakura Sunrise is the first song from DanceDanceRevolution X2's Replicant D-Action that has been put on another BEMANI game.
  • Sakura Sunrise is unlocked in REFLEC BEAT limelight by reaching the first part of Glass Stage 3-2.
    • As of REFLEC BEAT colette, it is available by default.
  • Sakura Sunrise was added to jubeat saucer on April 1st, 2013.
    • It is the bistro saucer 6th set's final song unlock.
  • Sakura Sunrise is the first bistro saucer final song in jubeat saucer that is a BEMANI crossover.
    • It is also the first final song unlock from any bistro saucer set that its EXTREME chart isn't rated 10.

Music Comment[edit | edit source]

A crossover song from DanceDanceRevolution.

Difficulty & Notecounts[edit | edit source]

pop'n music[edit | edit source]

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts 150 317 751 1101 299 589
Sunny Park→Present 8 25 37 44 14 26

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Jacket[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]


HAPPY HARDCORE HD 「Sakura Sunrise」



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