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Sakiko Kasuga is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park, who originally originates from a BEMANI band project, HinaBitter♪.


A kind girl working as a maid in Hinatabi Shopping Street's internet café.
Her goods' timbre, acoustic guitar seems very, very like her.

The daughter of the Chat Noir (シャノワール?) Internet café's owner. She also occasionally works here, whilst dressed as a maid. Usually, a polite, soft-spoken girl has a deviant side that occasionally appears. She plays the acoustic guitar.

Like Meu, she also enjoys watching anime. She can be easily embarrassed about her size, particularly her breasts.



Sakiko has green eyes, and short, violet, girlish bob-cut hair. Her figure is a little bit busty, wearing a school uniform, consisting of a cream-colored jacket with a maroon neck tie, a brick red plaid skirt, and gray socks and shoes. Her Miss animations include her original black maid attire, while her socks reach her thighs as garterbelts. Her top garments are the white top of her dress with the rest of the black as her skirt. Instead of her acoustic guitar, she carries a black electric guitar.


Sakiko makes cameos on every HinaBitter♪ character's FEVER! animation.

Sakiko also makes her appearance on Meu Meu's lose animation, as well as Ibuki's. She, again, makes a cameo on Ibuki's Great animation in 乙女繚乱 舞い咲き誇れ.

NET Self

Attack I'm sorry! (ごめんなさい Gomenasai?)
Damage Amazing...! (すごいっ…! Sugoi...!?)
GOOD Play It's fun. (楽しいですっ Tanoshī desu?)
BAD Play I'm so nervous. (不安ですっ Fuan desu?)
WIN Thank you. (ありがとう。 Arigatō.?)
LOSE I knew it... (やっぱり… Yappari...?)


  • Sakiko shares her birthdate with Yodo=Dozen, Flamme, Flora, and Raizou.
  • There are several of HinaBitter♪ characters appearing on Kasuga Sakiko's animations:
    • Marika, Rin, Meu, and Ibuki all appear on her FEVER! animation.
    • Marika and Ibuki also makes cameos on Sakiko's Lose animation.
    • Meu Meu makes a cameo on her Miss animation.
  • Kasuga Sakiko is aged 15 and is measured in 158cm.
    • Sakiko is one of the few characters to have their ages and height revealed.
  • Sakiko is one of the crossover characters to not have any color palette.
    • Sakiko is also one of the individual characters to not have this too.
  • Fans particularly describe Sakiko's deviant side as a Yandere, a type of anime trope.