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Ryusei Honey is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 12 Iroha.


She always wants to have fun!
Run through the stars☆Honey!! P.L.A.N.E.T. Ryuusei☆Honey!!

Ryusei Honey is a cosmic heroine who skates through the stars with her Cosmic Roller. She has a rivalry with Suisei Laura.

Character Information[]

"Energetic, cute, lonely, and just a little ecchi *g*"
↑ I got a copy of the song from Akira with that comment.
I thought, "Cute and energetic means a ponytail!", and got straight to work;
with "Ecchi? That'd be a miniskirt!" I started working even harder!!
Even though everyone would say, "Huh!? What's so great about that??",
I'd do it because "'coz that's still the kind of thing I like!!"
I dunno if it's kind of childish but it's just that kind of one-sided love story, right?!

This is overall a great song with a really good beat,
but the best thing about it is the shouting!
There were even two people on the team
who would play the song while shouting the words.
It sounds like they're saying "P.L.A.N.E.T.",
but since I can't really tell when I listen to the song,
I'll have to leave my shouting debut until next time when someone can tell me what they're saying.



Ryusei Honey has a tan skin tone, blue eyes, and sky-colored hair. Her hair is styled into a ponytail and is decorated with a three-star hair piece and four white stars. Ryusei Honey dons an aquamarine, strapless, two-piece dress with matching gloves, and also white boots with matching highlights; the boots contain yellow roller blades. Ryuusei Honey wields a magenta laser gun.

NET Self[]

Attack Yah☆ (エ~イ☆ Eei☆?)
Damage Kyaa☆ (キャー☆ Kyaa☆?)
GOOD Play Ehehe☆ (エへへ☆ Ehehe☆?)
BAD Play Eeek☆ (ヤーン☆ Yaan☆?)
WIN Hooray☆ (やったあ☆ Yattaa☆?)
LOSE Nooo☆ (イヤーン☆ Iyaan☆?)


Pop'n Music 19: Tune Street (Town Mode)[]

Conversation Only[]

I'm Honey★ 
Hey, you wouldn't happen to have seen Danny around here, would you? 
You can tell from a single glance that he's the coolest thing in this galaxy!


The Ryuusei (流星?) in "Ryuusei Honey" is Japanese for "shooting star".


  • Ryusei shares her birthdate with V.B.
  • Ryusei's birthplace "Nebula R573" is a reference to Konami's joke name "573".