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Ryan is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


そして今日も彼は吼えるのである。 ニクーーーーーーーー!
I'm the king of beasts. I'm a hungry beast. A dangerous carnivorous type.
And today I'm roaring. Meeeeeaaaat!


Ryan appears to be a lion with blond hair, wearing dark purple pants, and a black belt that contains an animal emblem. Ryan's hair will change into a dull brown color and his weight thinner if no meat is provided, as of his Miss and Lose animations.


Ryan's name is a pun on "lion", because they sound familiar.


  • Ryan shares his birthdate with Momoko-san, You, and Roco Moco.
  • D and Uowo make a cameo appearance in Ryan's FEVER! animation.
  • Moffine makes a cameo appearance in Ryan's FEVER! Win animation.