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 Холодный Снег (Снег Дорога)
 Смутно вдали видно свет
 Я вспомнить любимый деревня
 Но Я должен пойти продолжить
 Эта холодный снег дорога
 Вот посмотри тот небо туда подошва
 Наконец приходить эта зона
 мгновенный иллюзия
 А теперь должен пешком продолжить
 безопасный зона далее
 (снег дорога)

 Kholodnyi Sneg (Sneg Doroga)
 Smutno vdali vidno svet
 Ya vspomnit' liubimyi derevnia
 No Ya dolzhen poiti prodolzhit'
 Eta kholodnyi sneg doroga
 Vot posmotri tot nebo tuda podoshva
 Nakonets prikhodit' eta zona
 Mmgnovennyi illiuziia
 A teper' dolzhen peshkom prodolzhit'
 bezopasnyi zona dalee
 (sneg doroga)

 Cold Snow (Snow Road)
 Light is seen far away
 I remember the favorite village
 But I must continue further
 On this cold snowy road
 Here's a look back at the sky's sole
 I've finally come to this zone
 Instant illusion
 And now I must continue on foot
 The safe zone is further
 (snow road)

Song Connections/Remixes[]



  • ロシアのおみやげ is the first Bemani song to be sung in Russian.
  • ロシアのおみやげ's Normal and Hyper charts have different BPM changes at the very end:
    • Normal: 110-180-200-100-170-80-130-150-160-170-190-70-110-130-170-220-250-160.
    • Hyper: 110-180-200-100-170-80-130-150-160-170-190-70-110-130-170-220-250-100-60-100.

Music Comment[]

A melody tinged in sorrow and put in a cold wintry wind has arrived from Russia.

Song Production Information[]


- mercy

The northeast was cold.
I clasped my shaking hands, I felt his singing voice within my body, I will never forget that day.
Ah, mercy, his strong feet are also going to the mountain today.
Even today, his big arms share the firewood that burns the flame of life with everyone!
Sing on. Ah, mercy!

- 世流源風

Difficulty & Notecounts[]

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 252 304 612 - 315 612
pop'n music 9 9 16 29 - 15 30
pop'n music 10→20 fantasia 9 ↓15 29 ↓35 15 30
pop'n music Sunny Park→Present - 21 ↑37 - 15 30
pop'n music 9 CS 9 15 29 - 15 30





COSSACK 「ロシアのおみやげ」