Ruri is one of the CS characters from pop'n music 8.


I spent a rainy weekend in my favorite raincoat.
The sound of the rain is nice. It makes me feel at ease...

Ruri is a British woman who is very wealthy and is related to royalty.



Ruri's major appearance is a blondie with violet eyes. Her hair is styled in a pair of large and brushed pigtails, and on Ruri's head is a deep pink-colored hat that is wide. Her attire is a raincoat with six buttons, a waist belt, and high heels. Ruri carries a parasol with the same color as her attire, but with small polka dot patterns.

Lovers Pop

Ruri's attire is modified in her winter attire, such as a light red-colored cap with a puffy ornament on top, and a large, wooly scarf. Ruri wears a coat that has an identical color as her cap with four, dirty-colored buttons, an ankle-length skirt that is underneath her coat, with "x's" in each side and a light salmon-colored highlight on the bottom, and brown, high-heeled boots. Ruri hair is a bit tinted with a slight goldenrod color.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 9:
This season is a nice gift from the traveling sky. A walk in the fresh crispy snow resonates within my mind.

NET Self

Attack Ey! (エイッ! Eii!?)
Damage Kyah! (キャッ! Kyaa!?)
GOOD Play Uhuhu! (うふふ Ufufu?)
BAD Play Huh? (あれ? Are??)
WIN La di da (るんるん Run run?)
LOSE Downhearted (しょんぼり Shonbori?)





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