What are the rules?

  1. Please do not edit templates if you do not have any permission from the administrator or the founder.
  2. Do not submit any fanart on any official pages. It is okay for the wiki to have fanart, as long as it is on comment sections or on discussion pages. These includes videos, art, characters, mechanics, and songs from fan-related content.
  3. The wiki does not tolerate wiki users who vandalize pages with false information. If a user commits vandalization for the first time, he or she will receive a warning by the user. If done again, the user will be temporarily blocked depending on the expiration date. There is no infinite block, because it's not our fault that it was not here.
  4. The wiki prohibits explicit content, such as pornography and shock value. We want to keep the wiki clean from any source of offensive material.
  5. While you are interacting with another user, do not send your personal information to him or her (ex. your home address, your city, your school, your realistic image of your family, friends, guardians, house, and yourself, or your neighborhood)
  6. Videos with gameplay or a person playing a game as seen is tolerable, as long as you keep it in comment sections or discussion sections.
  7. Do not edit the rules unless you ask a founder or admin.
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