Rosemary is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE.


She is imprisoned in the castle, Rosemary lost her freedom.
Even though she deprived of everything, the one thing nobody can deprive is... the "feeling".[1]

Rosemary is a young woman who was imprisoned against her will and lost her freedom. It is unknown as to why she was imprisoned. She often meditates due to having free will of her mind.

Character Information

See Rosemary/Character Information.


Hyper Fantasia

Rosemary is a pale-skinned woman with lilac eyes and light blue hair, that is styled in a wavy ponytail. A string with three velvet red-colored roses is strapped around Rosemary's head, and black diamond-shaped earrings are located on her earlobes. Rosemary dons a fancy dress with pale blue and black colors, and contains two straps on the bottom. Rosemary is shown wearing black handless gloves.

In her 2P color palette, Rosemary's re-color changes her hair color to a pale velvet color, the earrings to white, and the roses to a light pink color. Her dress is simply purple and light-yellow, while the straps are tinted in pink.

Platinum Fantasia

The string are replaced, as the roses are finally tied into Rosemary's ponytail. A gray, transparent cover is located on her right eye and her earrings are changed into single roses. Rosemary's dress is less fancier than her previous dress from her debut. The bottom of Rosemary's dress is tightened, and contains a gray ruffle. The dress contains a gray shirt and sleeves that are connected to the top. Rosemary's shoes are presented as black.


In a rare card, Dooken@Invitation Party, from the Pop'n Music Lapistoria card collection, Rosemary wears a dress with colors identical to the characters'. She wears a black, long-sleeved dress with white laces and dot patterns around the edges. She also carries a bow on her center with white horizontal lines. As of the card's motif, she wears a matching patterned bow with the three doughnuts colored pink, light green, and yellow on the center, as well as matching earrings.

Character Comments

Pop'n Music 20 fantasia:[2]
The feeling that hides in her jet-black veil. The silver, rusted mirror reflects, and the future was closed. Or is it...?


The term, Rosemary, refers to a type of herb for seasoning. Parting the name, rose is referred to her accessory.


  • Rosemary is based off of Marie Antoinette, albeit a bit darker.
    • As きの子 puts it "「マリー・アントワネット黒ver.」".






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