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Rosalie is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪.


A girl who lives deep inside of the dark forest.
 She really wants a friend, but her mother says that she cannot leave the forest.[1]

Rosalie is an introverted character who, because of her gorgon nature, has a tendency to turn living things into stone. If she's out in public, she has to wear a pair of glasses to prevent anyone from turning to stone. Rosalie is afraid of mice, as seen in her Miss animation.


Rosalie seems to be resembling of a pale-skinned girl with dark, dead-looking eyes, and rosy cheeks. Rosalie's hair is dark violet, that takes the form of a crowd of snakes that form into curly ends. Her garments are based on a black-purplish gothic maiden. She wears a black dress with gray sleeves and a dark violet-purple apron. Her socks, shoes, and hat also share the same manner.

Her 2P pallet changes her "hair" to a blonde color and her eyes are magenta. Her bonnet is hot pink while her dress is green with white sleeves and the apron is pink and white. Her basket and shoes are brown and has white socks.

NET Self

Attack Hi♪ (こんにちは♪ Konnichiwa♪?)
Damage Aaaa! (きゃ~ん Kya~n?)
GOOD Play Lalalan♪ (ラララン♪ Rararan♪?)
BAD Play I hate mice (ネズミきらい Nezumi kirai?)
WIN I'm your friend♥ (お友達ね♥ O tomodachi ne♥?)
LOSE I'm alone (ひとりぼっち Hitori bocchi?)



(Fidget fidget)
 Please become my friend!
 (Fidget fidget)


  • Rosalie is a mythical creature called a gorgon, the most famous one being Medusa, who can petrify people into stone with her eyes and her hair with pythons, as seen in Rosalie's Miss and Lose animations.
  • Like Michael, Rosalie listed mice as her dislike.
  • Rosalie's birthday is identical to Tetsuo's.



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