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This article focuses on simply the Pop'n Music 11 character, Roki. If you are looking for the Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET song, also known as Runic Air, see Princess Roki, and for the Mikito-P song, see Roki (mikitoP).

Roki is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 11.


.................. Strike!
She's doing her best in life. She takes a lot of pride in her singing, her family, and the place she was born.. These incompetent interviews, they should be stopped.

Roki is a woman full of pride for herself and the things she enjoys, such as her family. She's known as the queen of the forest (or "princess", in her Princess Roki appearance). She is known for being short-tempered, and will get extremely furious if things don't go her way. In Pop'n Music Lapistoria, Roki is an unlockable character in Eclipse and Phantom's story, Forest Witch (森の魔女 Mori no majo?), and she wields a white diamond lapis.

Character Information

See Roki/Character Information.



Roki is a young girl with pale purple skin, gray hair that is formed into long, nubby pigtails with long bangs, dark green eyes, and red eyeliner. She simply wears a white, long-sleeved blouse.

Her 2P color palette makes Roki's hair and clothes entirely black, while her skin is extremely white and her eyes are red. Her eyeliner is also black.

Elegothic Sabbat

Roki dons a long white dress with red gloves. The dress is attached to her right shoulder, while the other side is sewn on. She also wears deep purple makeup. Her original palette is reused in Monkshood from Pop'n Music: Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume and Enigma from Pop'n Music Kaimei Riddles.

Roki's 2P color palette drastically changes her hair to a dark pale blue and her eyes light brown; her dress and gloves swapped colors and her makeup is red.

Runic Air

Roki appears as a child, while the rest of her appearance is identical as her debut, though her blouse also has a hood attached. Her pigtails are trimmed into bun size.

Her 2P is also much like her debut, giving her white skin, red eyes, and all black hair and clothes.

Roki's special 3P coloring gives her peach colored skin, cyan eyes, and light orange hair. Her blouse is gray.

The Sign Of Collapse

Roki's hair is decorated with a crown of thorns with a gray veil, as well as black cords wrapped around her bangs. She once again wears a long white dress, now decorated with gray fur around the shoulders and red slits on the sides. She has a gray choker, black gloves, and black boots.

Her 2P palette gives her dark blonde hair, pink eyes, pale green skin, and a white veil. Her dress is blue with pink slits and orange fur, and her choker is also orange. Her gloves and boots are white. In this palette, she wields a yellow diamond lapis.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL:
The meeting of our proud family begins.
Anyone who looks without permission will receive a reward and our judgement.

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET:
The forest's inhabitants gather to the princess' singing voice.
This is an earlier story about how the young Roki became a great witch.

Pop'n Music Lapistoria:
Deep inside the forest that has fallen silent...the forest inhabitants stare ahead,
facing their queen's figure during her coronation for her proud family.

NET Self

Attack Take this! (クラエッ! Kuraee!?)
Damage Aaah! (ウワッ! Uwaah!?)
GOOD Play Hahaa (フフッ Fufuu?)
BAD Play Tch (チッ Chii?)
WIN Floating (フワフワ Fuwafuwa?)
LOSE Eeeeek! (キーーー! Kiiii!?)


Pop'n Music 16 Atsumare! Pop'n Party♪

Are you calling for me?
 In that case, I shall prepare
 some suitable entertainment.
 There seems to be an unusual
 plan for a "remix" today...

Pop'n Music 19 TOWN Mode

Battle (Phase 1)

To become a great witch, you must become
 familiar with all things in nature.
 Therefore, it's a Pop'n match.
 Get ready!
 I am short-tempered.

Pop'n Music 20 Soreyuke! Pop'n Quest

Making a request

Recently, there haven't been many forest flowers
 around to listen to my beautiful singing voice.
 Increase them again as much as you can right now.
 I'll prepare a song to go with my singing voice!

Request achieved

Hmm. Well, you seem to have done a good job.
 Now my beautiful singing voice can be heard by many people.
 I shall send my praises.