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Robin & Cock are characters from Pop'n Music 8.



The fluttering cold wind... the cloak reaching the cheeks,
the boy Robin and the fairy Cock continue their journey...


Robin is a boy with simple, round black eyes, and blue hair, sporting an olive green cloak, black pants, pale olive shoes, and a walnut hat with a green lining and feather. Cock is a small fairy, wearing a white frock, platinum wings, and yellow, pixie hair. Her hair and eyes shift into scarlet when she gets infuriated. It's revealed in Robin and Cock's Win! Animation that Cock's eyes are blue. Their appearance is used another time in Into the Wind from Pop'n Music éclale

Their 2P palette recolors his feather and boots silver, his hair ginger, and his entire apparel blue; Cock has light green hair and an entire purple apparel.

NET Self

Attack Ya! (やー Ya ̄)
Defense Awawawa (あわわわ Awawawa)
GOOD Play Good feeling (いいかんじ Ī kanji)
BAD Play What? (あれれ?Arere?)
WIN Ehehe♪ (えへへ♪ Ehehe♪)
LOSE Downhearted (しょんぼり Shonbori)


Town Mode (Conversation Only)

Cock and I are going
 on a long, long journey.
 But if that wind begins to blow,
 I have to leave...





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