Rin & Daiki & Hurry are three of the characters from Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!.


Rin, Daiki, and Hurry are the favorites!
"D-A-I-K-I! Let's go walk with Hurry!"


Rin has light red hair tied in pigtails and brown eyes. She wears a pink shirt with white shorts and red shoes. Daiki has spiky blonde hair, brown eyes and wears a light blue shirt with brown pants and white shoes. Hurry is a dog with light brown fur, black eyes, a brown nose and an orange mouth.

The trio's 2P palette gives Rin and Daiki's clream blonde hair colors and cerulean eyes. Rin gains a jade green color scheme for her tank top, hairbows, and shoes with black pants. Daiki, on the other hand, has a cerulean shirt, and hazelnut-colored pants. Hurry is colored platinum and silver.




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