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Ratte is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 10.


The housework girl.
I hammered my etiquette from her frightening aunt, everyday★
The prince rode on the white horse! Whether he took me!

Ratte is the magical spellshaper, using her magic powers to get away from her aunt. She is still distant from her twin sister, Lotte, because of their aunt and uncle separating them.


Twinkle Dance

Ratte is a girl with teal-colored eyes and light brown hair, styled with two pigtails and part of it down. Ratte wears a turquoise minidress with a small, white apron, printing the word "LOVE" on the center. Ratte sports light yellow stockings and fuchsia flats, along with a matching broom and two clips, and a white head piece.

Jewelry Rock

Ratte has the same attire as Lotte, but with a color scheme of light cyan for any of her clothing, and magenta for her shoes. Her guitar almost resembles Lotte's but with a magenta ridge. She also doesn't wear her white head piece anymore.

NET Self

Attack Take this☆ (そーれっ☆ Soore☆?)
Damage Ahh! (やーん Yaan?)
GOOD Play Lan♪ (るん♪ Run♪?)
BAD Play Bleh! (べーっ Bee?)
WIN Lan lan♪ (らんらん♪ Ran ran♪?)
LOSE I'm disappointed (がっかり Gakkari?)


Ratte: The name is a different spelling of "latte", a flavored coffee mixed with milk.


  • According to HELLO! POP'N MUSIC, the game was mistaken that Lotte has light-blue eyes and lighter hair. Fans thought that this was Ratte, who appears in this game.
  • Ratte, along with her 2P character, Lotte, is one of the few characters to have the slowest, neutral animations in their first debut.
  • Ratte is one of the few characters to not have a 2P color palette, but an identical 2P character.
  • Ratte's birthdate is identical to M.c.H.T's, Flow Flow's, and Lotte's.
    • Ratte's birthdate shares her birthday with Tomoko Kawase (Tommy february6).





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