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Raizou is one of the five characters from Pop'n Music 20 fantasia's Minna de Tsukutte 20 contest.


In the flying splash, the tamausagi ninja is like a gale to put.
It was unexpectedly calling the village from the allured top of the high-over have mountain to the festival music!


Raizou appears a white anthropomorphic rabbit-like creature, with black sections on the tips of his ears and tail, and red eyes. His attire is based on a ninja's attire, consisting with a black uniform with a olive-colored waits, red sections of the collar, and sandals. He has a black hood that covers mostly his head, but his ears. As an accessory, Raizou carries a katana with a red cover and black-red handle. The katana has a black and smooth part of the end..

His 2P color palette consists of a tan color of his fur and red tips of his ears and a red tail that have a yellow section on its tip.

His 3P color palette consists of a gray color of his fur and blue tips of his ears. His tail is blue and have a light blue section on its tip. His eyes are yellow and his ninja uniform is light blue on the top and blue on his pants. Raizou's sandals remain black.

NET Self

Attack Cut! (斬ッ! Ki~tsu!?)
Damage Have to go (てててっ Te tete ~tsu?)
GOOD Play Pyon! (ぴょん! Pyon!?)
BAD Play Yaya (ややっ Yayatsu?)
WIN Gale Gotoshi! (疾風の如し! Hayate no gotoshi!?)
LOSE Purupuru... (ぷるぷる… Purupuru...?)




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