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  • QuoN is one of the Story Mode unlockable songs in pop'n music ラピストリア, added on September 12th, 2014. To unlock it, you must clear Retsu's story: Finally infiltrated! Principal's office (ついに潜入!校長室 Tsui ni sennyuu! Kouchou-shitsu?).
  • QuoN's name comes from the pronunciation of 久遠 (Kuon?), which is Japanese for eternity.

Song Production Information[1][edit | edit source]

Power Of Nature[edit | edit source]

Hello! This is QuoN.

While expressing Jadeite's quiet dreadfulness and grandness, I incorporated scientific techno because of his research institute. In addition, for the first time in a long time, I sampled an older man's voice to add flavor. I feel satisfied that the flavor fits his character image.

In this techno song, the brilliance held by lapises and the fleeting nature of that brilliance are represented by the break section and the ending. Since I was conscious of arm movements from the composition stage, I think the fill-ins and the intense synth section in the middle were a good way to ramp things up.

Also, as you can imagine, the title comes from the word "eternity (kuon)". Although I was the one who made it, a certain image plays in my mind at the last piano phrase.

It's this image where Jadeite is defeated by Retsu and the others, and his lapis shatters in slow motion. Jadeite looks up to the heavens with his eyes wide as his lapis breaks into tiny pieces.

That leads to the image of Jadeite's memories flashing before his eyes. The title came from "the feeling of remembering the distant past while breaking apart". The impact and beauty of the word "eternity" is another reason it was selected.

For the mid-boss of a story that is still ongoing, I feel like I've completed a striking piece of music.

Difficulty & Notecounts[edit | edit source]

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts 291 595 1029 1518 ? ?
Lapistoria→Present 15 32 42 49 ? ?

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Power Of Nature HD 「QuoN」

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