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Quattro is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET, and the last member of the Magical 4.


The dancing Quattro with her sportyxsexy costume is certainly something to reckon with at the samba festival!
The Magical☆4's dance guidance is also Quattro's doing.


Passionate Samba[]

Quattro takes the appearance of a Brazilian, busty woman with mint green eyes and mandarin orange, wide, fluffy hair. Her hair is decorated in a white headband with cyan highlights and white/aquamarine and light chartreuse feathers. Her costume is a pink-shaded bra with cyan highlights, a beige-aquamarine miniskirt, and a pair of beige boots. Her accessories are chartresue handcuffs, a magenta necklace, and cyan bangle earrings, and she wears plenty of white eye shadow and lips.


In World Tour 2 from Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪, Quattro just wears a bikini and boots that inspire the Brazilian flag, and yellow sphere earrings.

NET Self[]

Attack Can you bear it? (耐えられる? Taerareru??)
Damage Foul play (反則よっ Hansoku yo?)
GOOD Play Hehe♪ (フフッ♪ Fufu♪?)
BAD Play Ouch... (ヤダ… Yada...?)
WIN Naturally won (勝って当然 Katte tōzen!?)
LOSE Ahhh... (あ~あ…?)


  • Similarly to Force, she is the first of her quartet to make a solo character debut.
  • Quattro share her birthdate with Alicia.
  • Despite representing Brazil, Quattro's name is the Italian word for "Four".
  • Quattro's animation in Pop'n Music portable 2 for Magical 4 has been altered; she is kicking the soccer ball with her right foot instead of hitting it with her large breasts.