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Purecul Lip is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 20 fantasia.


I am, Magical Girl Purecul Lip! I collected a lot of love crystals called "Lovenas".
I want to dye the world with Purecul!!

A magical girl whose duty is to collect magical crystals called "Lovenas". Befor becoming a magical girl, she encountered a white bear-looking fairy called Hip. Hip can shapeshift into a "Pico Hammer", allowing Lip to summon her special ability, "Pico Han-Crash", but it always leads her to failure.


Purecul Lip has green eyes and long, magenta hair that is tied into a ponytail with a curly end. She has a sharp tooth on her right side of her mouth when smiling. Purecul Lip wears casual clothing resembling a witch's attire. She wears a pink top with short, frilly sleeves and white accents, matching her skirt with a pink waist belt and her bow on the back. She dons a pair of violet-colored shoes with pink, matching socks, and a matching cape and gloves. Lip has a light yellow bow with a heart emblem on the center. Her original palette is confirmed again in Hi-Core from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.

In her 2P palette, Lip's re-coloring gives her a blue color scheme. She have aquamarine hair, yellow eyes, and a light aquamarine color for her heart on her bow. Her attire is colored navy-blue, especially her socks, while her skirt remain white, matching her gloves and part of her socks. Her shoes are re-colored as light cyan. Hip is colored powder blue.

Her 3P color palette has a yellow scheme, re-coloring Lip's hair, heart piece, skirt, and shoes yellow. Her orange eyes match her cape and sleeve accents, her dark orange gloves share the manner as her bow, and the rest is white.

NET Self[]

Attack Purecul! (ピュアクル! Pyuakuru!?)
Damage A shadow? (ハテナ? Hatena??)
GOOD Play Really~☆ (マジかも~☆ Maji ka mo~☆?)
BAD Play Cra~sh! (クラ~ッシュ Kura~shu?)
WIN Love Ge~t! (ラブゲ~ット Rabu ge~to?)
LOSE Wait~!!! (待ってぇぇ~ Matē~?)


  • Purecul Lip shares her birthdate with NK2000 and Bob 2002.
  • Purecul Lip represents herself as a parody of Pretty Cure, a current magical girl anime series that aired on Sunday mornings.