This article focuses on the Pop'n Music Sunny Park character, Procyon. If you are looking for the titular song, see プロキオンの騎士団.

Procyon banner
プロキオン Purokion
Procyon IconProcyon 2P Icon
Birthplace The town of Canis Minor
Birthdate March 1st
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Olive
Hobby Grinding and polishing the sword
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes Everyone in the town, fireworks
Dislikes Feelings of loss
First Appearance Pop'n Music Sunny Park
Other Appearance(s) None.
Theme(s) Fantasia Fusion
Designer(s) eimy

Procyon is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


Touching the treasure in a journey, Procyon seems properly big and strong.

He wants everyone to quickly see his grown appearance.


Procyon was born with pale yellow, spiky hair and brown eyes and has a head accessory that resembles of a platinum crown with a four-pointed star emblem and caramel-brown hat flaps. Procyon wears a traditional medieval European attire, consisting of a chartreuse shirt with light yellow highlights; light tan gloves; a dark brown waist belt; light mandarin pants; and boots that matches his flaps. He wields a sword and a light yellow cape that prints off tears that resembles a paw print.


Procyon is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Minor. It also forms one of the three vertices of the Winter Triangle, along with Sirius and Betelgeuse.



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