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Prince Melon, also known as Prince M, is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 7.


A space minstrel wandering throughout the universe. The breadth and depth of his love are galaxy class? You will hear his wonderful and fluffy songs from various stars!

Character Information[]

I've been wanting a bard.

Let's continue playing a friendly song to all living things from the farthest beautiful place like in Le Petit Prince, that I'll do myself. Charisma, absurdity and pop. I felt it was a combination of common good things and bad things in the world. The M stands for melon. In another case, when I was given the concept of this song from Kida, I was very, very moved.

Although it eventually became a bright vaudeville while I was describing it.



Glam Rock[]

Prince M appears with cyan hair that fades into blue and purple eyes. He wears a blue bodysuit with gold bracelets and a hoop belt, a yellow crown, and white boots with a slit in the front. His outfit has red bands on the arms and red trim around the neck, which has a pink heart charm. His heart shaped guitar and antennae are also pink.

In his 2P palette his hair is yellow fading into lime green with bright green eyes, and his bodysuit and crown are now gray. His belt and bracelets are blue while his boots and red trim are both nay blue. His heart, guitar, and the tips of his antennae are red.


Prince M appears in Really's FEVER! Win and Lose animation with Wacky and W.B. Rose wearing his debut attire.

He also makes an appearance in Photon's DANCE animation.

NET Self[]

Attack Lalala~♪ (ラララ~♪ Rarara~♪?)
Damage (sniff...) (うわ~ Uwa~?)
GOOD Play How nice~ (いいね~ Ii ne~?)
BAD Play There, there? (あれあれ? Areare??)
WIN Love & Peace (愛&ピース Ai & piisu?)
LOSE Well (あらら Arara?)

Chara Deco[]


1 heart (acquaintance)/Attack Space walk (宇宙遊泳 Uchū yūei?)
15 heart (Poptomo)/Lose Cygnus (はくちょう座 Wakuchō-za?)


The M in Prince M's name stands for "melon," a reference to prince melons from Japan. His name is also derived from the titular character of Le Petit Prince.


  • Prince M's birthdate derives from Japan's Day of the Universe, the first time a Japanese citizen (Mamoru Mohri) was sent into space.
  • Prince M is based on the prince from Le Petit Prince.