Poppers are a character group from Pop'n Music 2. The duo is formed by Mimi and Nyami.


Is everyone enjoying the Pop'n party~?
Leave the ending music of happy times to us!



Mimi and Nyami wear their regular attire from Pop'n Music 2, consisting of a white t-shirt with red sleeves and a large blue star in the center. Their pants are dark blue and worn with black tennis shoes. This attire is used once more in Surfy.

Their 2P takes after their 4P palettes from the second game, giving them light brown hair and violet eyes. Their shirts have aqua sleeves with a purple star pattern, and their pants are teal with purple shoes.

Pops Encore

Mimi and Nyami's designs reverts back to their older style. They wear yellow t-shirts with red trim, dark blue jeans, and black shoes.

In their 2P palette, their shirts are blue and their pants are a dark olive color. The rest of their colors remain the same.


Mimi and Nyami's new appearance in similar to that of Pop'n Music 2, although the star and sleeves of their shirts are both red, and "OK!" is written beneath the star symbol. Kazao Kachou appears in their animations as well.

NET Self

Attack Take this (それいけー Soree ike?)
Damage Kyaaah! (ツッコミ Tsukkomi?)
GOOD Play Yes! (イェス! Iesu!?)
BAD Play Huh? (ありゃ? Arya??)
WIN Yay! (イエーイ! Iei!?)
LOSE Booo (ぶーぶー Buubuu?)


  • Mimi and Nyami's appearance as Poppers marks the first time they appeared as rival characters, albeit together.
  • Although Mimi and Nyami are given new designs and artwork for their appearance as Poppers in Pop'n Music 9, their sprites are simply modified versions of their sprites from the first game.





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