Here is Judy and I, the talk corner of the dance program Aya has appeared on.
It's the nice corner where Pop'n Music characters are guests and are asked to answer fan questions!
There is a chance some of the information may be worrisome. Enjoy all 34 of our times on-air!

The Popper's Lounge was a talk show hosted by Mary, Judy, and Aya. Various characters were interviewed and asked fan questions. It spanned the first four games, and concluded with a total of 34 interviews.

Characters Interviewed

List of Interviews

Part 1: Mary, Judy, Aya Part 2: Shollkee
Part 3: Megumi-chan Part 4: Ash
Part 5: Rie-chan, Sanae-chan Part 6: Cyber
Part 7: Timer Part 8: Poet
Part 9: Mimi, Nyami Part 10: Ice, Bamboo?, P-1 & P-2
Part 11: Karli Part 12: Ling Ling
Part 13: Sugi-kun, Reo-kun Part 14: Dami-yan, Donna
Part 15: The King, KoKo, Dia Part 16: Candy
Part 17: Toru, Hiroshi Part 18: Kate
Part 19: Uncle Jam, Olivia Part 20: S.8. Taro
Part 21: Yuli Part 22: MZD
Part 23: Jyun & Shingo Part 24: Henry
Part 25: Ice (2nd Time) Part 26: Elle
Part 27: Mayumi Part 28: Pal, Cyber (2nd Time)
Part 29: Yuki Part 30: Ash (2nd Time)
Part 31: Rave Girl Part 32: Tourmaline
Part 33: NK2000 Part 34: Smile


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