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MZD LT Icon.png Heeey, long time no see, you two.
Mimi ec Icon.png MZD! What's up? You've suddenly called us.
MZD LT Icon.png Now, I'm creating a new world.
Nyami ec Icon.png I say it's simply a cool thing as usual!
MZD LT Icon.png The sounds aren't still there in the new world,

but you two have to get "Sound Fragments" from everyone in various of areas.

Nyami ec Icon.png "Sound Fragments"? How are we suppose to get them?
MZD LT Icon.png Oops, you see, I had been making medals for you two.
Nyami ec Icon.png I...I'm aware of that...
MZD LT Icon.png You go out recovering your opponents' "Sound Fragments", in this case, a battle for your medals.
Mimi ec Icon.png Well, our sound fragments had been placing our medals.
MZD LT Icon.png The medals that are placed in your hands lend the power to company the next battle
Mimi ec Icon.png That's right! We'll venture to collect our company
Nyami ec Icon.png Alright! If that's decided, let's go!