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Pop'n Music portable 2 (ポップンミュージックポータブル2 Poppun Myuujikku Pootaburu 2?) is a 2011 Japanese music/rhythm game developed by Konami and Bemani. This is also the second and final installment for the PlayStation Portable version of the Pop'n Music series.

Music List[]

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  • This is the second CS game to have DLC after Pop'n Music Wii.
  • This is the final non-mobile, physical release CS BEMANI release in Japan to date.
  • This game is the first time Des-ROW, also known as his real name Osamu Migitera, co-direct on a game.
  • First pop'n music console game since pop'n music 4 APPEND PS / DC with no TV&ANIME licenses, the first since pop'n music 8 CS with no ee'MALL songs (excluding DLC), and the first since pop'n music Best Hits! with no Battle Mode.
  • Not counting Pharaoh★Love, pop'n music portable 2 is the first pop'n music game since pop'n music 2 CS to have all of its CS original songs in the arcade version of pop'n music.
    • Again if you don't count DLC, pop'n music portable is also the only CS pop'n music release to have EX charts for every song.
  • Some of the new 9-Button HYPER and 9-Button EX charts were re-rated in the Ver.1.01 update patch.