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Pop'n Music portable (ポップンミュージックポータブル Poppun Myuujikku Pootaburu?) is a 2010 Japanese music/rhythm game developed by Konami and Bemani. Released on February 4, 2010 on the PlayStation Portable, it is a spin-off game from the Pop'n Music franchise.[1]

Its sequel Pop'n Music portable 2, was released on November 23, 2011.

Game Mode[]

There are four different game modes: Tutorial, Free, Adventure, and Battle.

Song List[]

?????? !!!!!!!


  • Pop'n music portable has all pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE.
  • This CS game is the first to have special skin changes; however, they are from pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE.
  • First CS pop'n music with character bios.
  • 5-Buttons now has HYPER charts. 7-Buttons, seen for the first time since pop'n music 6 CS, has HYPER charts as well. EX charts are only available to play on traditional 9-Buttons mode.
  • A few charts have been modified to be playable on the PSP, most notably ポップミュージック論's EX chart.
  • Pop'n music portable is the first CS game to be released on the PlayStation portable.