Pop'n Music peace
Poppun Myuujikku Piisu
Pop'n music peace logo
ThemeUrban/Original/20th Anniversary
HardwareBEMANI PC (Arcade)
Date ReleaseOctober 17, 2018
Number of TV/Anime Songs6
Number of Original Songs12
Number of CS SongsTBA
Number of Crossover SongsTBA
Number of RemixesTBA
Number of Deleted Songs7
Total Number of SongsTBA

Pop'n Music peace is a 2018 Japanese music-rhythm game developed by Konami and Bemani, and the 25th main installment of the Pop'n Music franchise to be promoted for Pop'n Music's 20th anniversary.

Sneak Peek

As the official 20th anniversary website launched, Bemani submitted an image of Mimi and Nyami's silhouettes in their new costumes, with the caption that reads "COMING SOON". Before their reveal, fans predicted that the new version of Pop'n Music was going to be a visual arts theme, because both Mimi and Nyami are wearing barrettes on their heads and what seems to be frocks. On October 10, 2018 (the date of the Usaneko OST release), the reveal was very different from fans' prediction, with the main mascots wearing badges in the form of Pop-kuns. And on October 16, 2018, the title of the new version was revealed to be Pop'n Music peace.[1]

On October 16, 2018, Pop'n Music's official Twitter posted a small teaser video inside the game's scenery, as well as the characters' design from older Pop'n Music titles fused with shadings, making it as the new design from the post-Lapistoria anime designs. Other than Mimi and Nyami themselves, the teaser presented returning characters: Meteor, Arisa, Kanoko, Betty, Ayumu, IA Ramse, Ivan, Really, Pierre & Jill, Rie-chan, and Mary. Along with these characters reads a text that says "Thank you for always coming to play!" (いつも遊んでくれてありがとう! Itsumo asondekurete arigatou!?). Matsushita, in the game's song list, and Navi will return. The game was scheduled to be released the day after October 16 (October 17), and it is such a quick-strike release without the game being placed in location tests.

After the game's release, the official website launched.[2]

Song List

Song Artist Character
無頼ック自己ライザー Kradness BIT (Cyber Metal)
ホロウダンス 松下 松下
おねがいダーリン 松下 松下
Floccinaucinihilipilification Marmalade Butter Canopus (Judgement)
luck Seprph ν・μ (Flower Pop)
POP TEAM EPIC 上坂すみれ ミサコちゃん (Noro-Emo 2P)
雪夜の森のプリャースカ m@sumi & kidlit Ivan (Cossack)
飛べないぼくと鳴かない黒猫 山本真央樹 feat.常盤ゆう ayumu (Cat Jazz)
ブーケトス戦争 sei☆shin feat.AMaiもも ARISA (Love Musical)
マイアガル、マイオドル chocck feat.響華 KANOKO (Nadeshiko Rock)
Be blossom!! 林ももこ RIE♥chan (Girls Country)
Burning Love 阿部靖弘 feat.Luca Mary (pop'n 6)
Dive to the Sky 白澤亮 feat.ЯIRE Betty (Panic Pop)
High Gravity Maro feat.Coco海里 IA RAMSE (SF Pop)
Mirage Age Marmalade butcher Meteor (ec)
PM is Here! PON Mimi/Nyami
Sprite Digital Serph REALLY (Psyche)
Time Has No Money The Mizuno Family PIERRE & JILL (Comic Song)


  • The new character design for Pop'n Music peace seems to be reminiscent to the design from HELLO! POP'N MUSIC, albeit with a different tone and additional shading.
  • Pop'n Music peace is the first Pop'n Music title to be announced one day, and to be released the next day after.
  • Pop'n Music peace is so far the first title to not have a music/character page.
    • It is also the first title to not have location tests scheduled before its official release, and does not have a brand new character.
  • Pop'n Music peace is based off of the recurring caption at the end of the credits on each previous Pop'n Music game:

    "We present this game to the people who love music and game.
  • Mimi and Nyami's animations in the game were mimicking their animations from the first title.
  • Not counting Mimi and Nyami's new garment designs, Pop'n Music peace was once the first game to not have a recurring character with a brand new outfit in its default song list.
    • It was the fact until the return of Mr. KK, with his brand new outfit and song, as well as his neutral animation that is a re-polished version of his neutral animation in Pop'n Music 5. This makes the latest installment keep the franchise's tradition of redressing characters (besides Mimi and Nyami) from previous titles. Returning characters with new, alternate palettes for this game do not count as new costumes.


Promotional Images


【pop'n music peace】 teaser movie

【pop'n music peace】 teaser movie

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