How do I play Pop'n Music?

We are going to start with the basic mechanics.

Any Questions?

I often saw videos that have speed options. Why do they do that?

A player is interested in changing the speed, so he or she can improve some focus on the falling Pop-kun.

Why is a player using a towel? I'm surprised...

Toweling could help with SUDDEN options.

It is okay to use one hand or a party of hands?

Neither. You only play with two hands. A party of hands would be a crowd; I just saw the very first Pop'n Music commercial where there are many hands on the Pop'n Controller. However, if you are in BATTLE MODE, you may play with another person. It only requires three buttons for each of the two players.

There's too many characters, and I don't have time to pick one!!

Well, it's tough luck if the game has a 30-second time limit, unless you know what you're doing.

I can't find a Pop'n Music arcade system in my state/country.

Pop'n Music arcade systems are without a doubt rare outside of Japan (and probably South Korea). If you can find a Pop'n Music arcade cabinet that is close to your home, the only way to do that is to drive there with your own merits and free time. Cabinets that are free to play are only located in some conventions for a limited time. If you really want to play Pop'n Music, it would be the best time to sign up for a convention early before rushing in there.