Pop'n Music Wiki

Why does the Wiki have rules?

We have put rules in place so that the Pop'n Music Wiki remains clean and our community remains safe.
Violations of the rules can get you warned, but vandals will be blocked without warning.

If you see a user violating these rules, please report their action(s) to an administrator.
A list of our administrators can be found in the wiki's Community page.

Pop'n Music Wiki Rules

Editing / Uploading

  • Do not vandalize.
    If a user is found to have vandalized the wiki, they will be banned immediately. We do not want to give out infinite blocks, so please make edits to your best judgment.
    • Deliberately inserting false information into articles.
    • Removing legitimate information from pages. This includes blanking/emptying the page. If your intention is to start an editing war, please leave the wiki. If you believe you are right in undoing an edit or keeping it there, contact an administrator about the situation and we will sort it out.
    • Creating inappropriate redirects. This includes redirecting an article to a badly-named page, a user page, or creating unnecessary spam redirects that clutter the wiki.
  • Do not edit templates.
    Template pages may not be edited by users that have not been given permission to do so by an administrator or the Wiki founder. Alternatively, you can ask an admin to fix the error in the template.
  • Do not post explicit content.
    NSFW content, such as pornography and shock value, is strictly prohibited. Offenders of this rule will be blocked indefinitely without warning. The Pop'n Music Wiki strives to be a safe and friendly community, and we ask that you do not post this type of material anywhere.

Discussions / Community

  • Watch your language.
    The use of profanity and foul language is not allowed here. As said before, we aim to be welcoming and friendly to pop'n fans of virtually all ages. We understand that some songs/characters/articles might contain questionable content or be mature in nature, but that is NOT an excuse for you to behave inappropriately.
  • Do not submit any fan content on articles.
    It is okay for the wiki to have fan content as long as it remains in comment sections, discussion pages, or user pages, and it is not NSFW or suggestive content. Fan content can include but may not be limited to videos, fanart, original characters, fan-made mechanics, and songs.
  • Do not share your personal information.
    Remain safe on the internet and use common sense. When interacting with another user, do not reveal any personal information to them. Sensitive information may include your age, home address, city, school you attend, images of your friends or family, house, neighborhood, or even yourself.
    If a user is asking you for your personal information, LET AN ADMINISTRATOR KNOW IMMEDIATELY!
  • No pirated content.
    Discussing or uploading footage of any pirated content on this wiki is banned. Piracy is a serious crime, so we ask that you respect US and Japanese copyright law and keep illegally downloaded/downloadable content away from the wiki.
  • Keep disrespectful comments about Pop'n Music to yourself.
    A grand majority of users of the Pop'n Music Wiki all share a love for the Pop'n Music series. Please do not come here just to say rude comments about the game and/or its characters. Users who stir up trouble in this way will be warned and likely banned.

Staff Code of Conduct

  • Pop'n music Wiki rules apply to you too.
    Note: Templates may be edited if you are positive you know what you are doing.
  • Be friendly and ready to help.
    You have your position for a reason. Assist wiki contributors if they need help, and be ready to answer questions regarding whatever you are watching over.
  • You are expected to remain active and involved.
    This includes participating in the community Discord server. By becoming part of the staff team, you have decided to accept the responsibilities that come with the position(s) and agree to aid in the maintenance of the wiki.
  • Do not promote users to higher positions without permission of other wiki staff.
    In order to promote a user to a staff position, the following must be done:
    1. Agree with the current wiki thread moderator(s), sysop/administrator(s), and bureaucrat(s), and the owner that the user is deserving of the position.
    2. Ask the user if they would like the position, and detail the responsibilities that they will have.
      DO NOT PROMOTE users with a history of vandalism or inactive users (have not made an edit for at least a year/365 days).
    3. If the answer is yes, add the user right in question to the user via the user rights page.
      If no, move on and respect their decision.
    4. Failure to follow these steps, such as by promoting a user without reaching a consensus from other staff, will result in the involvement of FANDOM staff in demotion.
  • Do not edit other users' pages or name appearance without their permission.
    This is invasive behavior and makes users uncomfortable.
  • Only staff can have custom name appearances.
    This requires CSS editing. Only staff members can have their names customized (i.e. by adjusting font or colors). If anyone other than a staff member has a customized name, it will be reverted to the default appearance.

Community Discord Server Rules

  • Discussion of data, pirated content, or certain networks is not allowed here.
    Exception is when discussion of data files is necessary for #wiki-support. n-1 data scores are allowed as long as source isn't acknowledged.
  • Treat each other with respect.
    • Bullying is NOT tolerated here! - Discriminating or bullying another member due to their race, gender, religion, etc. is not allowed. Also, use of language that puts down another member or is derogatory towards them is banned.
    • Debates should be civil. - To prevent conflict, please avoid potentially controversial topics such as politics and religion. Debates that escalate into arguments will be shut down.
    • Harassment is banned. - If another member is making you very uncomfortable or asking you for personal information (even in DMs), notify a @Moderator immediately!
    • Remember to follow Discord's Terms of Service & Community Guidelines.
  • Keep discussions in their appropriate channels.
    The server is divided into subsections to make discussing specific topics easier. If the "Other Bemani" category doesn't have a specific channel for your game, then discussion of it should happen in #other-bemani-games or #other-rhythm-games (for non-Bemani games).
  • NSFW is strictly not allowed.
    • As stated in the wiki rules, we aim to keep our community welcome to all Poppers. No pornography (including cropped material and "ahegao"), gore, shock value, etc. - this also applies to fan content and discussion.
    • Users with inappropriate nicknames or profile pictures will be asked to change them.
  • Don't be a meanie in VC.
    Be nice and no hogging the music bot to yourself.
  • Just because something isn't on this list doesn't mean it's allowed.
    I, the server owner, have the final say on what is and isn't allowed in this server.