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Konami's pop'n music (코나미 팝픈뮤직?), also known as pop'n music mobile or simply pop'n music, is the first mobile phone release of pop'n music in Korea, produced by Joymoa under Konami's license. It features both Konami originals and licenses, though all the songs have been downgraded musically. It additionally introduced 1-button, making it the only original Pop'n Music title to have one.

Music List


Genre Song Artist Character
Dance Pop 소녀시대 소녀시대 JUDY
Girls Punk Style 오리날다 체리필터 BisKo
Ballade 사랑과 우정사이 박혜경 Kagome
KONAMI Originals
Uchu-Ryokou Space Dog Sana Sergei
Eurobeat ♥Love²Sugar♥ dj TAKA feat. のりあ MILK
White Dance White Eve さな TSURARA
Visual Rock
월광접 あさき Mimi (Trauma Punk)
New Music 나의 비행기 宮永やよい SAYURI
Aisyu-Euro MOON dj TAKA feat. Erika Mochizuki YUKI
Colorful Pop Raspberry♡Heart jun LuLu
Classic 클래식 리믹스1 Waldeus vön Dovjak HAMANOV

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  • Several errors can be found on the character information page of pop'n music mobile. For example, Nakaji is shown to be interested in 'collecting glasses', while in the original game, he dislikes them.
  • Pop'n Music Mobile, along with its sequel, are the only ones to contain 1-button mode, which would be never mentioned or inserted again.



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