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Pop'n Music M (ポップンミュージックM Poppun Myuujikku M?) is a mobile game by Konami released on January 18, 2011 in Japan. It was available through Konami Net DX. This app is only required in Japanese FOMA A series or above, additional with a memory card more than 10M. Despite of its release, there is not enough information, and its website is no longer present.[1]

We can only find information about the full game of Pop'n Music M at a Japanese video game website called Inside. [2]

Not counting promotional in-game screenshots, speaking of the real gameplay, we can only see a screenshot of the results screen with the playable character Kenji, taken by a Photozou user _mopp.[3]

A crossover song from Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side, SHINE by PRIMROSE, made an appearance on Pop'n Music M; albeit, no actual gameplay and game-cut audio were presented. Since pop'n music 20 fantasia's release, SHINE has never been in any arcade-release Pop'n Music title.[4]