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Pop'n Music 20 fantasia is a music/rhythm video game by Bemani and Konami released in December 7th, 2011. It is the 20th main installment in the Pop'n Music series.

Song List[1][]

Pop'n Music 20 fantasia/Music List


  • It is the first pop'n arcade game spelled in lower-case letters in English.
  • It is the first pop'n game where music plays when selecting modifiers, normas, and ojamas before the start of a song and in the results screen.
  • It is the first pop'n arcade game in which Sana doesn't appear in a new song. (She appears in Twinkle Wonderland, a crossover.)
    • Also the first pop'n music arcade game since their debuts in which Des-ROW and DJ Yoshitaka don't appear on the default songlist.
    • Also the first pop'n music arcade game since mur.mur.kurotoh's debut that he doesn't appear in a new song.
  • CHALLENGE and SUPER CHALLENGE mode are combined in NORMAL MODE, while ENJOY MODE is now named EASY MODE.
  • First appearance of NAVIGATE MODE. Introduced in July 11, 2012, NAVIGATE MODE lets you create a course based on a list of preferences (such as artist, level, genre and the mood of the song).
  • NORMAL MODE now has you set your ojamas for a song after you set the mods for a song, making it the last thing you do now before a song starts. You must press both white buttons, which will allow you to set modifiers and then ojamas; pressing both yellow buttons will not allow you to set ojamas.
    • To access the ojama selection screen after choosing mods, you have to press both white buttons after you have chosen the song. Pressing both yellow buttons lets you select only mods, as usual.
  • Much like on pop'n music portable and its sequel, NORMAL MODE and NAVIGATE MODE always have COOLS on. EASY MODE doesn't.
  • New combo font introduced in this game.
  • Audio previews in the pop'n music 20 fantasia homepage are changed to YouTube previews, instead of an embed music player.
  • Licenses once again have preview clips on the official website, unlike in TUNE STREET.
    • fantasia would be the last pop'n music website with music previews for licenses.
  • The Challenge Point system has been overhauled, replaced with an Extra Point system:
    • Normas for score and max combo are now automatically obtained.
    • Normas for BADs are no longer available, aside from the norma for a FULL COMBO.
      • "FULL COMBO!" replaces "NO BAD".
    • All point values are multiplied by 10.
    • The Extra Stage is now much harder to obtain in one game, requiring significantly more points. However, if the Extra Stage is not obtained and all stages are cleared, a fraction of Extra Points will be carried over to the player's next game.
    • Ojamas can now be set on Extra Stage, despite Extra Points being reset to 0 after an Extra Stage.
  • "Highlight Zones" are introduced. Getting no MISSES on a Highlight Zone (filling the NICE bar) will result on both characters performing their FEVER animations and obtaining bonus Extra Points.
  • eAMUSEMENT support for pop'n music 20 fantasia ended on February 1st, 2013.
  • Pop'n Music 20 fantasia is the second game to use Paseli. The first is pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET.
  • On the official website, pop'n music 20 fantasia have three characters that gained their own profile in the Minna de Tsukudde, since pop'n music 14 FEVER! CS.
  • This is the first pop'n music title where Mimi and Nyami's animations are similar, but without rotating one of them.
    • This is also the only game where Mimi and Nyami are wearing the same costumes.
  • eAMUSEMENT support for pop'n music 20 fantasia ended on February 1st, 2013.




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