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Pop'n Dream needs its music comment, song production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Pop'n Dream is a variation of animations from Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪, and is officially the animated ending credits.

Description[edit | edit source]


Dreams are like a wonderful party around. These fun times will continue forever and ever.

Everybody is probably gathering around for Pop'n Music, always![1]

This shows Mimi and Nyami's past adventures from the original title to pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE. There are images that include civilian, generic characters who are the audience for the Pop'n Music arcade cabinets and franchise. Plus, each character, the returning and new who appear in Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪ made their appearances in the credits. The only characters who do not appear in these credits are the ones who have their TV/Anime/J-Pop licenses, sans Edda, who is a debut character in this game.

The animation has a download link here.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • An image shows a boy-girl playing Pop'n Music together. This implies that the games, possibly the older titles, were originally played for pairings. However, this is overshadowed by individual players using the entire controller so on.
    • It doesn't count for the two schoolgirls, because they are playing in Battle Mode, as you pay attention to the positions of their hands.

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