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Pochiko needs its music comment, song production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Pochiko is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.


Where are you? Master! Pochiko immediately goes on!
Sniff sniff, ...Wow~A park~vv

Pochiko is a cheerful, dog-like humanoid who is quite fond of her master. She seems to enjoy chasing cats, fetching toys and eating dog food. Sometimes, gets dizzy, as seen in her FEVER! animation, where her eyes turn into spirals.


Pochiko takes the form of a humanoid dog with drooped dog ears as her trademark, lavender eyes and light brown, knee-length hair that is tied with a white scrunchie at the end. She is shown wearing a striped, long-sleeved shirt with very light colors of sky blue and lilac. Underneath it is her jumpsuit with the same color as her eyes. She wears lightly colored shoes and a pair of light pink legwarmers. In her Miss and Lose animations, she is shown as a Shiba Inu with dirty brown, walnut colors and pointed ears.

Pochiko's 2P has pale, magenta pink hair, dark purple eyes matching her jumpsuit and wears a bright pastel set of colors, which are pink and yellow.

NET Self

Neutral I'm beside you (そばにいます Soba ni imasu?)
Damage (Yelps) (キャン! Kyan!?)
GOOD Play Master!! (ご主人っ!! Goshujin!!?)
BAD Play Round and round... (ぐるぐる… Guru guru...?)
WIN I LUV U! (あいらびゅー Airabyū?)
LOSE Grr.. (くぅ~ん… Kū~n...?)


  • Similar to Ash from Pop'n Music 3 and Inuchiyo from Pop'n Stage, Pochiko can transform herself into a dog, but is not satisfied in this form.
  • Pochiko shares her birthday with Hurry, Chelsea and Anne.
    • Her birthdate represents Dog's Day (いぬの日 Inu no Hi).