ピーノ Pīno

Pino 13


Pino 13 IconPino 6 2P
Birthplace Neo Tokyo
Birthdate April 27th
Gender Male
Race Alien
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Lime
Hobby Flying, talking with animals
Relative(s) None.
Likes Large-capacity batteries
Dislikes Water, swimming
First Appearance Pop'n Music 6 AC
Other Appearance(s) Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL
Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET (Remix)
Theme(s) Techno Kayo

FM Pop

Designer(s) tera
Pino is a character from Pop'n Music 6.


チビでさみしがりやだけど、元気いっぱいPinoは科学の子。 自慢のジェットでひとっとび!秘密のタップは不思議がいっぱい!でもエネルギー切れには御用心…。
 Although he is lonely and little, the very energetic Pino is the child of science. He can fly in the sky with a jet! His secret tap is extremely wonderful! But watch out for running out of energy...


Techno Kayo

Pino has slightly tan skin and brown eyes, with a blue button nose. Pino's hair is a lime color and is styled jagged or frizzed. On his ears is a red headset. His attire has a basic sci-fi detail with red and green coloring. The style of Pino's suit is merged with a pair of shorts, sleeves, and turquoise buttons on his hands and torso. He wears boots that match the color of his hair and the bottom of his outfit.

FM Pop

Pino's attire is slightly upgraded, as his headset contains a handle that parts his hair. The suit merges the sleeves as gloves and the boots, and Pino now holds a laser gun.

NET Self

Attack Let's go~ (いっくよ~ Ikkuyo~?)
Damage Ack! (いたっ! Itaa!?)
GOOD Play Aha! (えっへん! Ehhen!?)
BAD Play Ummm (エ~ン E~n?)
WIN I did it! (やったね! Yattane!?)
LOSE Out of batteries~ (電池ぎれ~ Denchi gire~?)


Character Comments

Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL:

Aim for Stage Clear! Beat the huge enemies!
But I wonder if i can...
No, no, I'm sure it's okay! I have a lot of reliable buddies.



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