Pierre & Jill are two of the characters from Pop'n Music 5.


A Haute couture designer duo with a very famous status.
That person and these people also seem worthy.

Character Information

See Pierre & Jill/Character Information.


Comic Song

Pierre is a small boy with black eyes, wearing only a pink elephant costume with blue eyes and the words "ZO". Jill, on the other hand, is a girl sharing Pierre's traits of black eyes, but wears a chartreuse giraffe costume with magenta polka dots. This pallette will used again in Time has no money in Pop'n Music peace.

Their 2P palette gave them midnight violet eyes and slightly tan complexions. Pierre's costume is blue with red eyes and Jill's is violet with light green dots.


In their new appearance in Pop'n Music 8, Pierre wears a slightly lighter pink octopus costume with a chartreuse headband and white spots, while Jill wears a light cream-colored squid costume with turquoise spots in some sizes. Their WIN animation appearances change, with Pierre having a space shuttle costume with light yellow and blue accents, and Jill wearing a lime green bus costume that prints the destination of Osaka.


Pierre only wears a yellow sushi costume with black seaweed straps, and Jill sports a black narrow sushi roll.

Pico Punk

Pierre's headdress resembles of a cooked meat with a chef's hat, as he sports a yellow costume; Jill, in comparison, has her headdress as a bag of French fries, wearing a blue costume.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 8:[2]
A knowledgeable person knows. The charismatic designers of the costume industry.
This time, they announced Summer Collection number 2002!

Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪:[3]
The Pop'n Party dress code is costume style!!?
Celebrities, cats, and bamboo ladles, it's an uproar on who eats and who is eaten, so gogo★

NET Self

Attack Excited (アゲアゲー Age-age?)
Defense Burning (コゲコゲー Koge-koge?)
GOOD Play Happy♪ (ルンルン♪ Run-run♪?)
BAD Play ?@△@?
WIN Hurrah (バンザーイ Banzāi?)
LOSE Weeping... (シクシク… Shiku-shiku...?)


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode

Battle (Phase 3)

How do you feel?
 Are you excited~?
 Are you happy~?





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