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Phantom is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Lapistoria. They wield a black, jewel-shaped lapis.


On the other side of Lapistoria, there is one person who narrows their eyes to that glow.
Somehow, that lapis does not suit you...

Phantom's serves as one of the antagonists of the game by stealing Retsu's lapis, as shown in their FEVER WIN animation (In their Miss animation, Retsu attacks Phantom with his fire powers).



Phantom seems to take the form of a bat-esque hybrid that has pure white skin, deep purple eyes with lighter purple sclera, and short black hair with a long bang in the front covering their left eye, as well as large, furry gray ears. Under their right eye, they have black makeup, and they have long purple fingernails. They don an intricate outfit with a white top with purple sleeves and black stripes on the chest, with smaller purple ones underneath. It connects into black shorts with a purple diamond pattern. Their top has a plunging neckline, showing a buttoned white shirt with a black a white ruffled collar, with several black necklaces attached. On their right leg he wears a black knee-length boot with a purple pattern, and on their left he has a simple black shoe with a gray fishnet stocking. He wears a black cape with a cut out diamond pattern, connected to their thumbs. In their FEVER! Win, they wears a simpler outfit, with black and purple shorts and a top and black boots. They can sometimes be seen wielding a staff.

Their 2P palette gives them blue hair, eyes, and the black parts of their outfit also become blue. Their sleeves, sclera, and the patterns on their shorts are light pink. Their ears are cyan colored. Their cape is two-toned, with a light pink color fading into a lighter blue. Phantom's 2P wields a blue jewel-shaped lapis.


In their change card, Phantom wears fancier attire, consisting of lavender triangles attached to the left side of their hair, a gray ornament, gray top and arm warmers, matching boots and bottom, purple highlights, and lavender and white accents all around. This costume is only available in the Pop'n Music Lapistoria card collection volume 3.

Phantom makes a cameo in Grim's Win animation in pop'n music éclale.

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Change Card

ほら見てよ、コレ全部手に入れたんだ・・・ あいつらに全然似合ってなかったしちょうどいいよね。ギャハハ!最ッッッ高~!!

Look, look, I've got it all...It didn't suit them at all, but it's just right for me. Gyahaha! The beeest~!!





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