Pepe is a character from Pop'n Music 7.



I am training under a priest who helped me when I was young and strayed from my flock. "Someday, I will be like Papa and become a penguin that everyone respects."


PePe is a teal-colored penguin with black eyes and orange feet. He wears a cream-colored pontifical robe with gold accents to it, and wields a gold crosier staff with a red pop-kun at the end, which has a cross on it. His chest resembles a primarily white tunic with large yellow, green, and blue stripes on the top near the neck.

In his 2P palette, PePe is black with blue eyes and robes. The stripes on his chest become teal, violet and magenta.

NET Self

Attack I'm going! (いきますー Ikimasuu?)
Defense Oh! (わーっ! Watsu!?)
GOOD Play Ehehee♪ (えへへ♪ Ehehe♪?)
BAD Play Ooohhh (う~ん Uuun?)
WIN Yaay!! (わーい Waaii?)
LOSE Let's do our best (がんばろう Ganbarou?)


Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET TOWN Mode

Conversation Only [Phase 4]

This town has nothing but good people.
 Why do I say this?
 Nobody cares if a penguin acts like a person.

Pop'n Music 20 fantasia - Soreyuke! Pop'n Quest

Making a request

Thank you so much for meeting me here today.
 Well then, let us chant the hymns.
 Are you ready, everyone?

Request achieved

That was a wonderful hymn, everyone's
 hearts became one! I believe that we have reached the
 ears of the heavenly father. I owe you my gratitude...




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