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Paul is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 5.


His lazy singing voice and dazzling gestures are his trademarks.
The number of female members of his fanclub has been growing rapidly in recent years.



Paul's figure is a tall man, possessing powder blue eyes, and ginger, wavy hair. His attire includes a lime-colored suit with dark green buttons on each sleeve, a light yellow tie, and a pair of white shoes with gray soles.

His 2P palette gives him dark green hair, a purple suit, and a slightly darker yellow tie. His shoes remain white. This palette is used for Urban Blues.


Paul now wears a baby blue suit lacking visible buttons on the sleeves, his signature light yellow tie, and white dress shoes with light gray soles. This is his 3P palette.

In his 2P for NEAT, Paul has darker green hair with a lavender suit and pink tie, with white shoes. This is his 4P.

In his 5P, Paul has light red hair and wears a light blue suit, a white tie and gray shoes with white soles. This palette is used in URA NEAT.

NET Self[]

Attack (いけ!?)
Damage (くっ!?)
GOOD Play (よし!?)
BAD Play (くっ!?)
WIN (ふっ?)
LOSE ・・・