The 4th Popper's Lounge interview. In this edition, Ash was interviewed. Yuli makes an appearance as well.
Original interview


Aya3Icon original Chussu! It's the 4th Popper's Lounge!
Judy3Icon original The guest this time is Ash, who is flooded with lots and lots of questions. Indeed, he is a member of the band whose concert tickets get SOLD OUT in just 4 minutes.
Mary3Icon original Well then, Ash.
Ash 3 Original Icon Thanks.
Mary3Icon original Congratulations on the release of your CD single, "Nan ka hen da!" My, it turned out really well! By the way, are the solo songs you sing unrelated to you band activities?
Ash 3 Original Icon ...No. Since our band songs only contain vocals, I wanted a chance to sing, rather than just playing drums and only drums.
Aya3Icon original Yes, the question is, "Are you a dog? Or are you a wolf?"
Ash 3 Original Icon I'm a werewolf. During the full moon i turn into beast form, and I don't have to pretend to be a dog on Earth.
Judy3Icon original Ok, "When in dog form, do you get leashed when you're being kept? Where are you leashed? Do you hate dog food sometimes?"
Ash 3 Original Icon There are kind people on Earth, those people walking downtown, dressed for work, who take me somewhere where I can eat gratis! I wonder if I can eat it, if it's not dog food. Well, i thought I shouldn't waste their effort, it's always troublesome to invite the other members of the band.
Mary3Icon original Ash, that's...
Ash 3 Original Icon ???
Aya3Icon original If you're not a dog and you're on beast form, It might be dangerous to walk on Earth. Let's go to the next one, "Tell us about your encounter with Yuli and the formation of your band. And about your outfit."
Ash 3 Original Icon We met only after I saw a poster "Recruitment for a band member than can cook" and I joined the band. About my outfit, I wear a coat with crucifixes and an armband, which suit Yuli's tastes. I have bandages on both hand as support and to protect my hands from being bruised by the drumsticks. The lightning necklace shows fighting spirit.
Judy3Icon original You're good at cooking! This question comes a lot, "What is your cooking specialty? Do you cook for Yuli?"
Ash 3 Original Icon I am serving meals for Yuli and all the other members. Everyone likes my specialty cooking pieces, but bones are removed. It would look bad otherwise, right?
Mary3Icon original Well, well. You're unexpectedly friendly, Ash. Next, "You were saying something while pointing a finger, what were you saying?"
Ash 3 Original Icon Well, "BE YOURSELVES!" of course.* I want to compete with their shouting voice.
*He says "Temeera natte nee!". Temeera is a vulgar word meaning 'you'.
Aya3Icon original "Why are you hiding your eyes with your bangs?" now this is a very good question.
Ash 3 Original Icon Ah... My eyes... They are red, and I do not want to expose them because people would find it scary.
Judy3Icon original  "You hate those who have no manners, what happened?"
Ash 3 Original Icon These days young people are very strange. They don't greet, they don't provide seats to elders, they sit on the ground on the streets or on trains, They cry to their parents just to get something!!!!!!

(sermoning continues, 30 minutes later)

Judy3Icon original A-Ash. We're gonna run out of time, so let's move to the next one. "What do you think of Yuli?" Yuli is pretty cool so is your relationship difficult or not?
Ash 3 Original Icon Since our race do not get involved to deeply with others, I've been observing peace without any quarrel. I guess I'll say that I'll live 200 years in the place where unique guys successfully formed a band.
Aya3Icon original Well, this question is? "While Yuli seems busy in preparation for a concert, will you not help?"
Ash 3 Original Icon That's... Ah, that could be-!
Yuli 2 Original Icon Yes that's me. You're the only one not helping.
Mary3Icon original "Oh Yuli, good timing! "What is your band name?" is the most asked question. Can you tell us?
Yuli 2 Original Icon To that extent, of course, if it is for the staff documentation. Ah, there's no choice... It's "Deuil". Are you asking us how to pronounce it or what it means? Tasteless.
Ash 3 Original Icon Tee-hee-hee-, so I'll get ready on tour as well! I'm really grateful for the fans' cheering! Just challenge your arms with the level of POWER FOLK. I'll be your rival anytime. For now, thank you!
Judy3Icon original Wait, Ash!?
Aya3Icon original Aaah, he went back with a bow.
Mary3Icon original Shall I end now? I'll tell them to come back again.


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